About Us

About Us

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    Hi, the owner of this total tech blog is Mohit Gandhi in that blog you get technology-related news, gaming, differences, and comparisons of applications and at last, we also give you coding-related information. 

    Why the name of this blog is Total Tech?

    The main reason that we have to choose this blog name Total Tech is that Total means the 'sum of all' or 'includes everything' and Tech means 'technology related to computer' or 'modify to different things that help us easier'. So, when we add these two terms then it gives a new term 'Total Tech'. This means 'includes everything related to computer or technology'.

    Total tech information

    This blog started in 2020 when coronavirus came and now you can see here, is a total tech we started this blog for sharing our ideas related to tech on the internet so, for this purpose we started this Total Tech blog. On that blog, Before giving any information our team checks that information is trusted then we give that information to you. So, you can easily trust us. We did not give you any fraud and wrong information.

    You feel free, If you have any problem so, you can mail on this Gmail id - tech2total@gmail.com.

    Thanks for response us, 
    From, Mohit Gandhi

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